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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Black Neck Stilt

Made a recent visit to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  I was mainly checking to see what kind of activity was present.  While slowly driving the “Auto Tour” I notice there were several Black Neck Stilts close to the road.  This was taken from the car window.  They don’t seem to mind as much provided you don’t get out of the car otherwise they easily spook.  Taken with a Nikon D300s, 500mm, f/4, 1/4000, ISO 200.BNWR_20121104_0671web

Hello world!

As a young man I enjoyed boat racing and photography. But, both were expensive and had to let them go. After many years I was able to start photographing again, and what better than something I missed – boat racing.

I joined a photo club and was turned on to different types of photography.  One of them is nature and I love it.  I enjoy early mornings and getting the right light for bird photography.

My posts will be a mix of different types of photos and I hope you will enjoy.