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Blue Angels

Recently the Blue Angels performed at Wings Over Houston.  My friend Doug Haass invited me to shoot with him from a unique vantage point – the end of the runway.  What an awesome place to be set up as they came so close.  We actually climbed up on a large mound of mulch.  Yes, mulch, we had to tromp down the top where we were to give us a small base for footing.  It was like standing on a water bed as everything seemed to float.  I’d do it again!

The main group of four took off away from us and climbed high.  Shortly after the last two started their run from the opposite of the runway heading our way.  One took off about mid way and this one stayed low to the ground.  As he got the end of the runway he pulled up hard and accelerated straight up.  I wanted to look so bad but stayed focused on him.  I couldn’t even begin to explain the excitement I was feeling as it snapped straight up.  The vibration and roar was just spectacular!

Nikon D4, 500mm, f/5.6, 1/2500, ISO 320


Nikon D4, 500mm, f/5.6, 1/3200, ISO 320


Blue Angels

It was a beautiful day to attend the Wings Over Houston air show.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend.  Saturday I took a few from the easement behind my house. Got a few nice ones but it just wasn’t close enough.  I knew the Blue Angels would be flying about 3pm Sunday.  Driving around the week earlier I found what I thought was a good location.  Wide open and inline with the runway they would be using.  I was surprised no one else was taking advantage of this spot especially if they didn’t want to fight the 100,000+ crowd at the air show.

All shot with a Nikon D4 and 500mm lens on a tripod.





Thank You!

To all those that have served our nation and families that stood beside them proudly – Thank You!

I tried to envision our past history to this point in time. I kept going back to July 4, 1776. The number 1776 kept tugging at me as I was reviewing some pictures. This Blue Angel’s pilot was banking hard to line up with the straightaway to continue his performance at the air show. I believe it was his way of sending a message to most likely 100,000+ watching – This is who we are and what we represent – Serving You! The camera picture file number of this jet is 1776. I didn’t make up this number, it just happened.

Nikon D4, 500mm, f/5.6, 1/2000, ISO 200