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Useless Question

Finally one of those useless questions is answered. How does a wood stork poop in flight? He lowers his legs hoping it keeps it’s feet clean and lets it fly. Taken at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and I barely escaped.


Crested Caracara

It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured out to enjoy some nature. On the way to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge I spotted this Caracara. The clear blue sky didn’t do anything for me so I added some texture.
Nikon D4, 500mm 1.7tc, 1/1000, f/6.7, ISO 200


Great Horned Owl – Part 2

Here is one more photo of the owl.  I basically subscribe to leave nature alone but more willing to try something new with a flower. However, the background was so grayed out it made it easier to do a “photo art”.


Great Horned Owl

Yesterday afternoon the clouds had spit and the sun was shinning. It was looking pretty good so I drove out to see the Great Horned Owl at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. The closer I got the thicker the cloud cover developed. I took a few pictures even though the light was real bad. I had a plan in the back of my mind. After all it was a long drive. So here is my planned vision.
Nikon D4, 500mm + 1.7tc, f/6.7, Ev 1.67, ISO 4000


Sandhill Cranes – Two by Two

I was trying to match up pairs as they came closer.  Two started coming down quickly as the top pair leader hollered out – “just a little further.”  It was pretty cool watching such long glide patterns.

Nikon D4, 500mm + 1.4tc, f/7.1, 1/1250’s,  Ev +0.33, ISO 250


Sandhill Cranes – Doubles

I’ve read where aircrafts are graded on their landings as they set down on an aircraft carrier.  When I saw these I had to smile and wondered if the two onlookers were somehow grading the incomings’ landings.

Nikon D4, 500mm + 1.4tc, f/7.1, 1/2000’s, Ev +0.33, ISO 1250


Eagles – Stirring The Pot

The eagles were doing a good job of stirring the pot on several occasions during my morning visit.  Thousands of cranes , geese, ducks and the list goes on and on.  Of course I enjoyed watching the eagles in action stirring and causing every bird to lift.  The sky became thick with birds flying in every direction.  The following are just a few to share.

Nikon D4, 500mm

Looking to be mischievous.


Did someone say Eagle!  You just have to be faster than the next duck.


“If we stay behind him we will be ok.  Right?  Anyone….Right?”


He had enough fun stirring the flock and decides to come in for a landing.


One of the eagles came to check on their young.  They were behaving so it decided to make an exit flying overhead.


Sandhill Crane

What a morning!  I was hoping to see a few Sandhill Cranes.  Instead, I saw what appeared to be thousands.  I have never seen so many cranes.  Only problem, they were a little too far for really great shots, but I was trying anyway.  Luckily, there was other wildlife to be seen.  Along with the cranes there were two bald eagles making frequent fly-bys.  Wait, there were not only two bald eagles but, two, yes two, juvenile eagles.  They stayed around most of the time I suspect looking for a good meal while the parents checked up on them occasionally.  Did I say there is more?  Yes, more.  The hawks were on the prowl.  Wait, don’t change channels.  Geese, yes geese!  Still that’s not all….White Pelicans.  And, yes, ducks of many types.  Whoa, almost forgot about the two nice looking bucks.  Lastly, there was the lone Whooping Crane.  It must of gotten separated from its group during the migration and ended up joining the sandhill cranes.  It was flying in formation with a group of cranes.  This was a great show with or without a camera as the eagles caused several lifts.  Nature at its finest.

Nikon D4, 500mm + 1.4tc, 1/2500’s, Ev -0.67, ISO 500


Crested Caracara

Late one day I decided to take a quick trip to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  Traveling along the back roads I try to focus farther out.  This allows me to scan both sides of the road many times with out swinging my head side to side.  Plus it makes for a safer drive.  Seeing the Caracara from a distance I was able to slowly approach with my camera out the window and ready.  After taking a lot of shots it became a waiting game.  Who was going to flinch first.  He did and flew away from me.  Oh well, there is always another day.

Nikon D4, 500mm, f/6.3, 1/6400’s, Ev -1.67, ISO 320


Black Neck Stilt

Made a recent visit to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  I was mainly checking to see what kind of activity was present.  While slowly driving the “Auto Tour” I notice there were several Black Neck Stilts close to the road.  This was taken from the car window.  They don’t seem to mind as much provided you don’t get out of the car otherwise they easily spook.  Taken with a Nikon D300s, 500mm, f/4, 1/4000, ISO 200.BNWR_20121104_0671web