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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Great Horned Owl – Part 2

Here is one more photo of the owl.  I basically subscribe to leave nature alone but more willing to try something new with a flower. However, the background was so grayed out it made it easier to do a “photo art”.


Great Horned Owl

Yesterday afternoon the clouds had spit and the sun was shinning. It was looking pretty good so I drove out to see the Great Horned Owl at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. The closer I got the thicker the cloud cover developed. I took a few pictures even though the light was real bad. I had a plan in the back of my mind. After all it was a long drive. So here is my planned vision.
Nikon D4, 500mm + 1.7tc, f/6.7, Ev 1.67, ISO 4000


How Big

Most of my photo friends are Canon shooters with less than a handful of Nikon.  Recently read where Canon is coming out with two new 50+ megapixel cameras.  Whoa, how big can they get.  Got to love technology but also wonder how much is enough.

I was recently reviewing and cleaning up files when I came upon a few I thought would be worth a try.  When I completed the one below it was 40.56MB’s.  Several ranged from 40 to a little over 50MB’s.  I use SmugMug and they accepted everything below 50MB’s and rejected 50+ files.  Said file tooooo big.  So that got me thinking is the cart before the horse.

Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm, f/16, 1/100’s  View from La Sol Mountains, Utah.