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Brazos Bend State Park – Treasure Hunt

Unlike past trips my goal was to hurry and cover other areas of the park that I rarely venture.  Not an easy task with so much to see and photograph.  I simply had to make myself stop and move on.  Just like being on a treasure hunt.

Nikon D800, 105mm, 0.6’s, f/11, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Nikon D800, 105mm, 0.6’s, f/11, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Nikon D800, 105mm, 1/60s, f/11, Ev +0.67, ISO 200, flash (I’ve posted this one before – taken that morning)


Nikon D800, 105mm, 1/25’s, f/5.6, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Nikon D800, 105mm, 1/40’s, f/5.6, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Nikon D800, 105mm, 1/40’s, f/5.6, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Nikon D800, 105mm, 1/40’s, f/5.6, Ev +0.67, ISO 200


Deer Flower

Sitting on the porch listening to the birds is relaxing.  It wasn’t long before relaxing turned to some excitement.  A fawn was struggling to run across the pasture.  It couldn’t have been too old since it’s legs were stiff and wobbly.  It was running as fast as it could seeking safety in the thick woods.  I figured out what had spooked the fawn to run.  There was a dog sniffing around the area it had been bedding down as it waited on its mother to return.

I knew the mother would return so I slowly positioned myself hoping she would come my way looking for her fawn.  Sure enough the mother returned only to find her fawn gone.  As I watched her slowly move about looking and listening a dog appeared.  She stomped the ground and chased the dog into an area I couldn’t see.  After what seemed about 30 minutes I thought she may have left in that direction to continued her search.

Looking around I noticed the flowers and thought since I was already there and feeling the mother wouldn’t come my way, I started snapping a few photos.  Well, I wasn’t paying attention as she did head my way.  Being close she must have heard my shutter and saw me.  I heard her snort and it was loud because she was verrry close.  She bolted towards the tree line and into the woods snorting the entire way.  As loud as it was I’m sure her fawn could hear the call and I could envision them reuniting.

That’s why this photo is all about a deer and her fawn.

Nikon D4, 500mm, 1/1000’s, f/4.0, – 1.33 Ev, ISO 200